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Since time in memorial, humans are known to use resources they can get from nature in order to beautify their environment. Skirting boards are some of the materials that should be on your list when looking to improve your home. On part of your plan, you will realize that they bring a great impression on the appearance and the style of your home. Oak skirting comes with many benefits if you take them for a choice in decorating the lounge of your house. Since your living room is one of the most utilised rooms in your house, it is important to decorate it.

Benefits of choosing oak for skirting

Oak has been recognised as one of the strongest timber for home decoration and construction; thus it is durable. As such, oak can stand the test of time. Besides, oak is affordable and inexpensive when compared to luxurious boards. It will not break the budget although the appeal of oak skirting can take any look from rustic to contemporary and tradition. Also, oak is versatile as you can easily update the look of your house without necessarily having to see the expense of replacing the skirt boards. Moreover, there is a myriad of styles from which to choose. Among the popular choices are; Torus, Ogee, Victoriana and Round Edge. Besides, you can have any design you want to be manufactured for you.

How to source oak skirting materials

Hardwood oak is durable and highly resistant to preservatives. Besides, the sapwood is permeable and vulnerable to common furniture beetles. Oak skirting materials should have a slow drying, and its shrinkage is high while the movement in service should be medium. Before buying oak skirting board to match your design, it is important to seek the advice of the manufacturers. The solid timber should be accurately designed with a very fine surface finish. The most standard profiles offered are Scotia, Torus, Victoriana, Square and Round Edge.